Known for its clean beaches, posh resorts and a cool vibe, Fujairah is one of the most relaxed emirate in the UAE with a holiday spirit that prevails all year round, thanks to its beach culture that emanates because of its 90-km long beautiful coastline. Surrounded by the rugged Hajjar mountains, Fujairah is also perfect for wadi bashing and off-road driving.
Fujairah has great diving locations along the coast apart from museums and historic sites. Take a walk into the 360-year-old Fujairah Fort or stroll through the Fujairah Heritage Village with a beautiful display of traditional homes and fishing boats. We also conduct tours through the Fujairah Museum displays a selection of the artifacts that were found in the archaeological digs at Qidfa and Bitnah. Visit the Ain Al Madhab Gardens which houses a spa, chalet accommodation, a park and a heritage village around the ruins of an old fort where traditional costumes, pottery and utensils are on display. Scenic and historic sites such as Dibba, Sharm, Bidya, Wadi Wurrayah, Husn Madhab, Wadi Maidaq, Kalba, Khor Kalba, Awhala, Hayl, Wadi Farfar, Bithna, are along the region of Fujairah City and worth visiting.